Uminora. A strange land with many secrets.

It’s ancient hills hold men, women, beasts, and others. The land is at once savage and graceful. Humans war over the most fertile lands, and the most profitable surface mines, while the elves look on in uncomfortable disdain. The dwarves and those deeper simply laugh whenever humans find a meager vein of poor quality ore. Halflings ply their trades with the human settlements occasionally, but mostly keep themselves to themselves. Orcs and worse look on from the badlands and hills, stealing what they can, raiding and moving in tribes.

There are several human civilizations. The Kingdom of Ayer, ruled by his Majesty King Leopold Gudrich IV controls the midlands, a powerful nation, very militant with strict laws, but aged and perhaps stretched a bit thin across it’s borderlands, which the other nations are quick to take advantage of. The most common god worshiped by Ayerans is the Lightbringer Photus.

The second largest nation is Elehkan. What was once a tribe of Nomadic raiders founded a city and grew into a nation. The laws of Elehkan are loose and death and violence is threaded through their culture. They worship the Warbringer and curse the Trickster. The warrior caste is the highest ranking tier of their culture, but the new mercantile and guild classes have begun to garner growing respect, in as much as their goods strengthen Elehkan against their enemies. Elehkans are an extremely varied people, and have different attitudes towards outsiders. They do hotly conflict with the Ayerans over territory, but they are a people with few stereotypes, and often don’t hold grudges against an entire people, but they glory in combat and contests of strength and metal.

The two minor human players are the Zephyrmacht Tribes and Divinity of Kyt.

The Divinity is a group of religious Zealots who worship the Lifegiver. They hold little land, and one city (Faithhelm), but their missionaries infiltrate every society they can, openly or otherwise. Little is know about them, beyond their missionaria and the tenants of the Lifegiver. They tend to be fairly tolerant, but firm when they need to be. They have champions dedicated to protecting the good.

The Zephyrmacht Tribes are a group of tribal nomads. They hold all gods in contempt, and find civilization to be an abomination, hating cities and towns. They believe they need to rescue other humans from their enslavement to deities and constructs. They detest magic of any kind, and take pride in their nomadic lifestyle. They are incredible hunters, gatherers, healers, and rangers. There are several distinct tribes, each claiming to be the first, founded by a folkhero Zephyra, who is alternately a great healer, hunter, or in some cases, an EX-Cleric, betrayed by her god. These stories divide the tribes more than anything else, but they also compete over hunting grounds. They tend to cooperate and trade as much as they war.

The Dwarves are plentiful. There are a few different dwarven civilizations, and they tend to be on easy, but mistrustful terms with each other and other races. There is some tension resulting from the fact that many of the dwarven city states sprung from colonies from established city states. There is resentment on both sides of the line, but not enough to stop each from wanting to get rich above all else. Dwarves constantly fight back the underdark and it’s creatures in order to find the most precious gems and metals.

Elves make their lives among the wood. They disdain the warlike nature of the other races, but only take it upon themselves to intervene when they feel threatened by events in some way. They see war as a fundamental part of human nature, the younger race fighting over toys as children would. This isn’t to say that all elves dislike humans. Some are quite personable, but as a rule they group most humans into a violent and crude stereotype.
Elven culture is very graceful, efficient, and beautiful. They enjoy the higher pursuits, and their ruling class is generally composed of scholars and wizards, with few military members. They maintain their own defense forces against the wild and their evil cousins. Individual elves have their own motivations, which are as varied as humans.

Halflings tend to Stick to the Southlands. They sometimes trade with the humans, and very rarely trade with the nearby elves. Some venture into human cities and put down roots, but most keep themselves to themselves, keeping the quiet life quiet.

The winds of Uminora

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