The Zephyrmacht tribes are a group of nomadic tribesmen in the Southlands.

They are incredible hunters, gatherers, healers, and rangers. There are several distinct tribes, each claiming to be the first, founded by a folkhero Zephyra, who is alternately a great healer, hunter, or in some cases, an EX-Cleric, betrayed by her god. These stories divide the tribes more than anything else, but they also compete over hunting grounds. They tend to cooperate and trade as much as they war.

The largest Tribes are the Stone Arrows, the Olkentakes, and the Children of Zephyra.
Their technology doesn’t extend far past crude iron shaping. They wear light hide or leather armors and rely on quickness and cunning to win their battles.
Different tribes take slightly different approaches to this, but they are all not to be taken lightly.

They detest magic and civilization, seeking to emancipate their fellow humans from these things.
They are quite warlike, but have strict rules surrounding guests. If one approaches a camp and throws down his or her weapons, he or she must be treated according the the code of guests.

Each tribe has a slightly different code, but they all follow the general pattern:
Food and drink shall be provided, and a day and night of rest.

If the guests bear arms at any time, they code is broken. If the guests make threats against the tribe, the code is broken.

The tribes bear no ill will towards those who’s minds are ‘clouded’ by civilization or magic. They simply think it must be destroyed and people must live free. Generally, freeing a mage of his or her magic involves painful processes, some of which seem to work, others simply kill the subject. It varies by tribe.

They are a pest to the people of Ayer, but the King doesn’t seem to consider them a real threat.


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