Stonemarrow is one of the first Dwarven Colonies.
Great veins of Silver and Mythril were found under the mountains, and the great mines were constructed. Stonemarrow was the first hall in which the Underdark was breached. At first the Dwarves abandoned the hall with few casualties.

However, they returned in force, routed the creatures of the Dark, and set up defenses. Now the Deep rangers make excursions into the Underdark to look for precious resources. The mine itself is still productive, but less so. Great care is taken to avoid breaching the Underdark without first setting up appropriate defenses.

Stonemarrow imports much of it’s food from Ayer, with some underground crops grown there. Both parties are enriched by the arrangement. In addition to Dwarven tools, weapons, and armor that are shipped to Ayer, some raw metals are as well. The Dwarves historically have kept their internal affairs internal, maintaining a easy posture in spite of internal difficulties and dangers.

They do not ask for help as a matter of pride.


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