Mage Licences

There are several levels of mage licence.
In addition, there are several other types of permits which modify the terms of a licence.

  1. An adept’s licence.
    This licence permits the use of healing spells, and minor tricks to aid daily life, spells which effect animals or objects of less than two feet in size, the spell must require the constant attention of it’s users (no cast-and-forget). It does not allow for the use of any spells that damage or destroy, nor create. Small changes only are allowed. Illusions are forbidden. Only cantrips may be used.
  2. A magician’s licence
    Spells that temporarily create or modify or propel large objects, up to the size of a horse or cart. Spells may have an independent duration of up to one hour. Spells may permanently create small objects such as food, a tool, or container. Spells may not cross dimensions, destroy, or summon.
  3. State wizard licence
    Spells may destroy minor objects, and have na independent duration of up to a day without written aproval for more from a Court official or Court mage. Spells may perminantly create or modify objects of any size. Spells may not cross dimensions, induce harm on citizens, or summon.
  4. Court Mage licence
    Spells may create, change, and destroy at will. Spells may not cross dimensions or summon.

Modifications to a licence include

  • Alchemist Permit: You may create potions
  • Imbuement Permit: You may create magical items such as rings, rods, weapons, and armor
  • Scribes Permit: You may carry a spellbook and scribe scrolls
  • Gate Permit: You may cast spells which cross planes or dimensions
  • Summoner’s Writ: You may summon creatures
  • Battlemage Certification: Your spells may harm others, your spells should not inflict harm on citizens unless the state deems it necessary. You may harness raw elemental magic.
    The pricing for the licences is generally prohibitive.

Mage Licences

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