King's Council

The King’s Council of Ayer is a governmental body that takes the legislative and judicial burden off of the king. It is comprised of a number of different highborn. Each member of the council is granted a fief, although some are mere tokens and equate to very little actual land.

Members of the King’s Council include
Victor Kitter of the Kitter Family
Les Morric of the Morric Family
Samuel Doun of the Doun Clan
Ulibey Foust of the Foust Family
Percival Rider of the Rider Family
Walt Calic of the Calic Family
John Banner of the Banner Family
Henry Rutanic of the Rutanic Family

Many of the laws of Ayer and Kienhart come from this body.
Additionally the Council acts as a sort of supreme court, trying especially high profile cases.
Usually only cases of high treason or those they need to make examples of get tried by the King’s Council.

The Council controls the Catenatus Magicae.

King's Council

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