Built over a split in the river it is at once a great city of industry, commerce, and might. There are many laws, and a large number of races here. The class system here is very strict. First there are the high-borns, the King and much of his court. There are those born into wealth and privilege, families engaged in high politics, owning much land around the kingdom (run by relations or fief lords). Following the ruling class are the Guildmasters. Those who own guilds and land in the city. They rub shoulders with the Ruling class, but there is disparity and resentment there. Some guildmasters are richer than the Highborn, but they are still not considered equal.

The mercantile class runs much of the actual trade. These are members of the guilds or freelance traders. Foreign traders and freelancers are given slightly less attention than those belonging to guilds, but are considered as part of the same class. Below the mercantile class lies the peasant class. These are common laborers and workers, working the land of the lords or performing menial work for the mercantile classes.

Kienhart is double walled. The city has outgrown even it’s second wall however, and now sprawls over the land. The rivers provide mechanical power for mills and other processes, fishing, and waste drainage for the city.

The King’s Council and King’s Cabinet make most of the actual laws if Kienhart (and all of Ayer for that matter).


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