The capital of Elehkan is more of a loose collection of Stone buildings, thatching, and tents than an actual city. The Elegrad is a large, grand, permanent building at the center, but everything else feels much less solid.

The terrain is rather rocky, hilly, and misty. Shepherds raise sheep and other woolly beasts in the moors, making there homes out on the fields. There are numerous little streams crossing the land, occasionally feeding into a larger river.

The city has rather loose walls, stone occasionally shored up with timber. The power of the Elehkan armies lie in their mobility and quick strike tactics. It is very difficult to maintain a supply train on the Elehkan moors and the livestock can be hidden from invaders rather effectively. The brush can yield fruits and roots, but as often or not some venomous creature will defend it’s home as well.

The culture of Elehkan is very loose. New caravans and homes pop up and disappear daily. Some stay for the night, some stay for the week, others have never left the ‘city’.
It is rumored that the city is built on some well of great magic or crypt containing a powerful sorcerer. Nobody quite knows.


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