Elehkan is a large nation of former nomad warriors. They have settled down somewhat, but their culture is only loosely tied to geography.

Elehkans tend to be large bearded men with red hair, or thick lively women. Most Elehkans are trained in basic combat, and rather advanced hunting. Elehkan society is generally democratic, with the strongest or wises being elected leader by the support of the most people. The land is divided into holdings, with claims going to whoever gets there first, and maintained via the rights of the land. Elehkans band together readily to protect the livelihood of their countrymen.

Elehkan doesn’t have much in the way of official policy. Any crime is punished according to the judgement of the leader of the hold it was committed in.

There is a territorial conflict with the land of Ayer. Both sides of the conflict seem to think they have a right to the Earthteeth mountains. So far the place is a sort of landless zone, the site of much conflict. The mountainous terrain is such that conflict is difficult, so something like a cold war has developed between the two nations, the War of Inaction.

Elehkans generally worship the Warbringer.


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