Barrowatch was build around the ruin of an ancient watch tower.
Legends say that the tower was built against the Hill Giants, but was later razed by the Reavers, who eventually were conquered by Ayer.

The tower itself is untouched, the ruins are considered haunted by the locals, (or at least very dangerous by the less superstitious). The youth often dare each other to spend a night there alone.

The city is an interesting mix of garrison and free market. It serves as a hub for the surrounding farms and overlooks the nearby Barrows. You do not go to the Barrows after dark. Even during the day they can be treacherous. Ghosts and worse stalk the area after dark.

Barrowatch also stores a large amount of grain and other foods for times of famine. Licensed mages and scholars work to prevent spoilage of the food stored here. Barrowatch is instrumental in times of famine.

The city is run by a child, Jill Morric of the Morric Family.
This is controversial, but she is supported by a strong cabinet and has proven to be rather good at the job.


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