Ayeran Kings

The First Kings

Ancient Texts were recovered from an old tomb by adventurers.
These carried information about the first Kings of Ayer.

Ayeron I
Ayeron II

The Lost Dynasties

Unknown Kings ruled for some time. Much history was lost or not recorded. Some of the last of them could be gleaned from a few piecemeal records.

Pheonix Aspen
Tamin Dun
Walther Nedder
Gameric Nedder
Timote Aspen
Elrik Kaine

The Middle Kings

The Middle Kings, the Welsien Family, ruled before the Gudrich Family.

Thomas Welsien
Hollas Welsien
Camber Welsien
Camber Welsien II
Iian Welsien
Camber Welsien III
Aaron Welsien
Thomas Welsien II
Lewis Welsien

The Modern Kings

The Gudrich Family wrested control of the Welsien’s with the help of the Lightbringer. Armed with what some think is divine favor, the Gudrich Dynasty summarily oppressed mages, and consolidated the Midlands into the Kingdom of Ayer.

Leopold Gudrich
Leopold Gudrich II
Meridian Gudrich
Elrik Gudrich
Leopold Gudrich III
Samson Gudrich
Lorne Gudrich
Leopold Gudrich IV

Ayeran Kings

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