The Kingdom of Ayer.

Ayer controls most of the Midlands.

Founded long ago by Ayeron I, the Kingdom is very old and steeped in tradition.
The capital city is Kienhart, where the king rules along with the King’s Council. The highborn make their home there, along with many guilds and their masters. The lands surrounding the city are heavily developed, used for raising crops and livestock.

The other towns in the region all have their magistrates appointed by the King or his court. Lords have their private estates, farmed by their serfs and protected by their knights. Each city has it’s own distinct subculture. While the highest quality weapons come from the Dwarves and the most ornate come from the Elves, Ayer forges it’s own style of weapons. The Greatsword is an Ayeran weapon, and most other races find them very difficult to use.

Ayeran Kinsmith Ale is prized as being very high quality, while most pesants drink a heartier, thicker stuff. In addition, Ayerans make beautiful colored glass trinkets.

Ayerans are distrustful of magic, often enforcing harsh laws against it’s unregulated use. They do permit magic, as long as they are sure it is under the tight control of the ruling class. Indeed the Ayerans seem to have methods of censuring and suppressing the magic of all but the most powerful. They do not consider the blessings of the Divine to be magic per-say, they only take issue with magic of the Arcane variety.

They Ayerans are generally on good terms with the Stonemarrow Dwarves. They is much trade between the two cultures. The Dwarves find it amusing that the Ayerans have attempted their own deep mine and Forge in the form of Foundry, much as a parent when a child pretends to emulate their profession.


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