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    h1. Uminora. A strange land with many secrets. It's ancient hills hold men, women, beasts, and others. The land is at once savage and graceful. Humans war over the most fertile lands, and the most profitable surface mines, while the elves look on in …

  • Elven Society

    They disdain the warlike nature of the other races, but only take it upon themselves to intervene when they feel threatened by events in some way. They see war as a fundamental part of human nature, the younger race fighting over toys as children would. …

  • Halfling Society

    Halflings are a jovial folk, though they don't much care for change. A few can be quite adventurous when prodded into it. Halflings make good traders because of their easygoing but firm nature. They occupy mostly peaceful hills South of Ayer. The …

  • Drow

    Dark Elves which inhabit the [[Underdark]]. Evil beings fond of torture. They worship the Queen of Spiders, and usually poison their weapons. They hate elves and dwarves deeply.