Tag: Town


  • Reaver Hill

    A small settlement nestled in the hills. Reaver Hill has a bloody history. It first began as a settlement for bandits. They called themselves the [[Reavers]] and wrought havoc in the surrounding lands. Eventually the [[Ayeran Kings|King Elrik Kaine …

  • Stock

    A heavily fortified town with a large guard complement. The vault protects most of the wealth of [[Ayer]]. Controlled by the [[Calic Family]]. Run in name by [[Sasha Calic]], but she rarely deviates from her husbands orders. Other than the vault, …

  • Sundry

    A small town south of Foundry. Held by the [[Archbald Family]]. Has a Constabulary with a rather exasperated Constable/Sheriff. Intermediary between Stock and Foundry. Primarily a farming town. Heros: * Cleared some bandits * Traveled to …

  • Jacobs Camp

    This town started as a humble lumber camp. It now supplies much of the Countries quality lumber. The prices are unmatched. Jacobs Camp is governed by the magistrate [[Ellis Rutanic]] of the [[Rutanic Family]].