Tag: Drow


  • Dwarven Society

    Dwarves come from one of a few different halls. Most dwarves share devotions to metal and stonecraft, as well as their commitment to riches and finery. Originally from the [[Underdark]] the Dwarves escaped that realm to the surface world. The [[Drow]] …

  • Colm Deeping

    Colm Deeping is said to be the First [[Dwarven Society|Dwarven]] Hall. In the lost ages when the [[Dwarven Society|Dwarves]] climbed from the [[Underdark]], they made there homes here, beating back the pursuing [[Drow]]. It is without a doubt the …

  • Underdark

    The Underdark is a region deep underground inhabited by [[Drow]] and worse. Many treasures and lost civilizations exist in the Underdark, where guards are not necessary.

  • Drow

    Dark Elves which inhabit the [[Underdark]]. Evil beings fond of torture. They worship the Queen of Spiders, and usually poison their weapons. They hate elves and dwarves deeply.