Tag: Agriculture


  • Fairplain

    Fairplain is a large town in the Kingdom of Ayer. Fairplain is ruled by [[Lord London Kitter]], the fief being held by the [[Kitter Family]]. Fairplain is at the center of a very fertile plain. The peasantry brings in a good harvest. Some animals …

  • Barrowatch

    Barrowatch was build around the ruin of an ancient watch tower. Legends say that the tower was built against the [[Hill Giants]], but was later razed by the [[Reavers]], who eventually were conquered by [[Ayer]]. The tower itself is untouched, the …

  • Milltown

    A riverside town controlled by the [[Doun Clan]]. Magic is strictly controlled here. Mages must have a letter of admission before they are allowed to enter the city. No exceptions. The magistrate is [[Locke Doun]].

  • Jacobs Camp

    This town started as a humble lumber camp. It now supplies much of the Countries quality lumber. The prices are unmatched. Jacobs Camp is governed by the magistrate [[Ellis Rutanic]] of the [[Rutanic Family]].