The winds of Uminora

Sanitation Work

In which the players restore sanity to an old wizard

The players continued through Ur, discovering the populace around the road.

They stopped for the night, explored an underground shed which led to a sewer workshop.
Thewil managed to fall in the canal, but managed to avoid drowning with the help of Colben. They recovered a academical recipe book, a potion of cat’s grace, a potion of cure disease, and a nonmagic red liquid.

A trap was triggered, and further treasure destroyed.

The players managed to alter the Ur guard to the portal, and tracked the old man to his house. A helpful bird led them to discover the basement, and they used the sealing blade to restore the old man’s sanity.

He informed them about the 7 demons, powerful beings who supposedly irk him.
Additionally, some sort of experimental portal exists in his attic. The players stole some gold and books from the old man.



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