The winds of Uminora

Bandits and Sundry

Aka 'Hello'

The PC’s found themselves in Sundry.

They met the Sheriff and a crazy farmer who things the king is out to get him.
They met a strange old man with a very long beard. His blue robes were covered in sap.
He seemed to not understand terms like ‘killing’ and ‘grandpa’.

Thewil considered burning the tavern to the group in frustration when the locals and sellswords could not aid her in her quest.

The PCs routed some bandits that were ambushing caravans. They delivered one young bandit (Sam) to the Sheriff. Colben wrote a note of leniency for the boy, who will be tried in a nearby city.

The PC’s met up with Ulthrin, who they gave the Iron Box to. He contracted them to clean the nearby mines of Goblins. They reached the camp, where Colbin’s armor was touched up by a Dwarven smith. Omari received an assassination contract for Ulthrin.



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