The winds of Uminora

Sanitation Work
In which the players restore sanity to an old wizard

The players continued through Ur, discovering the populace around the road.

They stopped for the night, explored an underground shed which led to a sewer workshop.
Thewil managed to fall in the canal, but managed to avoid drowning with the help of Colben. They recovered a academical recipe book, a potion of cat’s grace, a potion of cure disease, and a nonmagic red liquid.

A trap was triggered, and further treasure destroyed.

The players managed to alter the Ur guard to the portal, and tracked the old man to his house. A helpful bird led them to discover the basement, and they used the sealing blade to restore the old man’s sanity.

He informed them about the 7 demons, powerful beings who supposedly irk him.
Additionally, some sort of experimental portal exists in his attic. The players stole some gold and books from the old man.

The Change and Ur
In which the players discover a legend

A year later and the PCs are now much more powerful.

They have returned from an adventure to enjoy a quiet night at an inn.
Instead, a man wearing naught save a robe enters in the middle of a rainy day.
Shouting something about “They are coming!” he immediately looses consciousness.

The players revive the man, and he shouts something about Ur, a mythical places which does not exist. He escapes into the rain.

The PCs encounter a servitor, digging holes in the road.
They kill one with the help of the guards (it does not seem difficult) and follow the old man to a portal in the woods. More servitors and building road and buildings on the world side. The other side of the portal is a great city. The players meet a strange hooded man who does not give his name.

Servitors stream into the world by the scores. The players leave and return, encountering a group of three: A human in rather fine leather armor, with half of his short hair dyed red, and the other half white, one color above each eye. An orc (or half orc) in banded plate armor, crested with some sort of red and gold dragon, with a heavy, ornate falchion in his belt. An a halfling in a plain brown cloak, with earth green tunic. Plain looking next to the others. The group offered to protect the PCs.

Bring Light to the Deep
How the Goblins found god.

Our PCs ventured into the mines.
After walking some distance through the dark they encountered a wooden barrier in the cave.
After some consideration by the others, a voice rang out from behind the wood.

Julius asserted the glory of the lightbringer, to which the voice responded in kind.
The Goblin shaman of Photus welcomed Julius inside. The Goblins asserted their legal right to the cave. They had a deed to support this claim. Supposedly written out to some Dwarf.

Omari was sent back to the camp to ask the Dwarves about another dwarf working with the Goblins. They found out about Durk. Ulthrin claimed Durk could ensnare others with his voice, and so they shouldn’t let him speak.

Omari returned as a goblin proposed either peace or marriage to Thewil. She turned him down.
While the Shaman went to fetch Durk, Julius and Colbin covered their ears so not to be ensnared. Omari hid, and Thewil simply waited.

Colbin charged the Dwarf, taking him down with a single blow, and ripping out his tongue before he could speak. Thus ended Durk. The stunned Goblins attempted to retaliate, shooting bolts at Colbin, but were taken down by Thewil and Colbin. Julius healed the Goblin damaged by Thewil, while Colbin had only knocked out his.

The Goblins sold the deed to the players for twenty gold to build a Church of the lightbringer. Colbin convinced them it was best to do this in the Underdark.

The players returned the deed for the mine to the Dwarves.

Bandits and Sundry
Aka 'Hello'

The PC’s found themselves in Sundry.

They met the Sheriff and a crazy farmer who things the king is out to get him.
They met a strange old man with a very long beard. His blue robes were covered in sap.
He seemed to not understand terms like ‘killing’ and ‘grandpa’.

Thewil considered burning the tavern to the group in frustration when the locals and sellswords could not aid her in her quest.

The PCs routed some bandits that were ambushing caravans. They delivered one young bandit (Sam) to the Sheriff. Colben wrote a note of leniency for the boy, who will be tried in a nearby city.

The PC’s met up with Ulthrin, who they gave the Iron Box to. He contracted them to clean the nearby mines of Goblins. They reached the camp, where Colbin’s armor was touched up by a Dwarven smith. Omari received an assassination contract for Ulthrin.


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